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Las Vegas Experiences

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10 Tastings to Choose From
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Explore A Large & Diverse World of Whisky

We invite you to come and experience the wide world of whisky through our 2020 Course Catalog!


Introductory Tasting: A fun, informative, and engaging 5 Whisky Tasting. Great for novices, bachelor parties, and date nights.

Extended Tasting: For the adventurous newbie or the experienced enthusiast, join us on a trek through the expansive world of whisky. This 10 Whisky Tasting includes drams of whisky picked to match your tasting experience.

The American Old School: Experience 7 historically authentic and traditional American whiskies. For more than 100 years these brands have defined bourbon and American whisky as a global powerhouse.

The New School of American Whisky: The Bourbon industry is exploding with distilleries in virtually every state in the union. Experience 6 amazing expressions from the distilleries leading this new generation.

Bottled in Bond (1897 to 2020): To fight off the rampant availability of illicit whisky, the US Government put into effect a legal standard for American spirits. Taste 6 unique examples of whisky that have survived since the late 1800s, and new releases of American whisky that are held to the highest production standards in the country.

The Pappy Van Winkle Experience: The single most sought after bourbon in the world today. Pappy Van Winkle has taken over the luxury bourbon category, and this is your opportunity to experience them all 6 core expressions.

A Regional Tour of Scotland: Scotland is unique in that it has 6 distinctive regions. Each with their own unique styles and flavors. Join us on a tour through each of the regions and taste seminal marks defining each region.

Peat Lover’s Dream: The most distinctive flavor in the whisky world, peat bifurcates the taster and excites the palate. Taste 8 whiskies from around the world that feature this unique whisky flavor.

18 & Up: A luxury scotch tasting experience. You will be exposed to some of the true pioneers of the luxury whisky world. Each of the 7 whiskies you taste will have matured in a barrel for a minimum of 18 years, and some far beyond that.

Tastes of Japan: The hottest, newly available country in the World of Whisky. For the last 100 years, Japan has been making whisky at the highest level. Taste 6 whiskies from some of the most well-regarded distilleries in the world.