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A Catalog Perfect for Experienced Drinkers

Experienced whisky drinkers delight, our 2020 Honors Catalog provides specialty tastings catered to enthusiasts and collectors.


Canadian Whisky – Ryes and Beyond: Canadian whisky has long been overlooked. In reality, Canadian Whisky has led the way in defining many of the traits we associate with whisky today. Taste 7 whiskies that exemplify Canada’s ability to make some of the finest whisky available.

A Tour of Irish Whiskey: The word whisky originated in Ireland in 1405 and for more than 600 years Ireland has led the way in whiskey innovation. Experience 6 whiskies from this historic island.

The New World of Whisky: Did you know France made whisky? How about Mexico? Denmark, Belgium, Bhutan? All over the world, distillers have started to make our favorite brown spirit. Come and taste 7 whiskies from the new countries challenging the old guard.

Rye: The Original American Dram: Long before bourbon was invented, American whisky producers had their focus on rye. Taste 7 classic and modern expressions that accentuate this slice of American history.

Limited Releases: As one of the hottest categories of alcohol, American whisky has exploded on a global scale. Taste 6 unique expressions have led the way with rare, singular releases that are driving the whisky world wild.

The Orphaned Barrels: Lost in the back of rickhouses, some barrels have become the stuff of legend. Taste some of these rare and small offerings. Many of these whiskies, once they are gone, are gone forever.

Barrel Finishing: A Comparative Tasting – Scotland has long experimented with adding unique barrels to the whisky aging process. This has led to a plethora of expressions with a wide variety of flavors. Do a side-by-side comparison of 7 of these unique barrels effects the end result of the whisky.

Speyside: The Protected Region: The most populous region of Scotland, Speyside holds more than half of the operating distilleries in Scotland. Taste 7 whiskies from the most desirable and protected region in Scotland.

The Game of Thrones Experience: A limited-edition tasting of the 12 scotches inspired by the men and women of Westeros.

Independent Bottlings: A uniquely Scottish part of the whisky industry. Taste 6 independent bottlings that encompass whiskies of unique ages and distilleries not available anywhere else.

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