Scotch Tastings

From $175

Tour of Scotland Taster
Peated Scotch Extravaganza
18 and Up
Whiskies of Westeros
Independent Bottlings
Non Tasting Seminar Attendee

Scotch has been regarded as a luxury drink for hundreds of years. Everyone from Kings and Queen’s to new whisky lover’s alike flock to this historic country to experience the wide range that Scotch can provide.

A Tour of Scotland: Scotland is unique in that it has 6 distinctive regions each with its own unique styles and flavors. Join us on a tour through each of the regions and taste seminal marks defining each.

Peated Scotch Extravaganza: The most distinctive flavor in all the whisky worl. Experience a tour through one of Scotland’s most famous regions tasting expressions from each of Islay’s 8 active distilleries (circa 2018).

18 & Up: A luxury scotch tasting experience. You will be exposed to some of the true pioneer’s of the luxury whisky world. Each expression will have matured in a barrel long enough that it can vote and maybe even rent a car.

Independent Bottlings: A scotch lover’s dream. A uniquely Scottish part of the whisky industry, Independent Bottlings encompass whiskies of unique ages and distilleries.

The Game of Thrones Whisky Tasting Experience: A limited edition tasting of the 9 Scotches inspired by the men and women of Westeros.

  • Tour Of Scotland Taster – $125 (6 Single Malts from Each of the Regions)
  • Peated Scotch Taster – $175 (8 Whiskies from Islay)
  • 18 & Up Taster – $275 (7 Well Aged Whiskies)
  • Independent Bottlings – $350 (6 Unique Bottler’s)
  • Whiskies of Westeros – $250 (8 Single Malt Scotches Inspired by Game of Thrones)
  • Seminar Attendee – $50 Non Drinking Educational Attendee

  • 1 hours and 45 minutes

What to Bring
  • Please bring a photo ID. All patrons must be at least 21 years of age
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