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All over the world people have started to produce whisky. From Mexico to Bhutan the world of whisky has never been more diverse. Come with us on a journey through the wonderful world of whisky!

Introductory Tasting: A fun, informative, and engaging 5 Whisky tasting great for novices, bachelor parties, and date nights

Extended Tasting: For the adventurous newbie or the experience drinker, join us on a trek through the expansive world of whisky. Includes a premium dram of whisky picked to match your tasting experience.

Canada: Our Friends to the North: Canadian whisky has long been overlooked, in reality Canadian Whisky has lead the way in defining many of the traits we associate with whisky today. Taste whiskies that will exemplify that our Canadian brothers ability to make some of the finest whisky available.

A Tour of Ireland: The word Whiskey originated in Ireland in 1405 and for more than 600 years Ireland has lead the way in whiskey innovation. Experience whiskies from this historic island.

A Taste of Japan: The hottest newly available country in the World of Whisky. For the last 100 years, Japan has been making whisky at the highest level. Taste whisky from some of the most well regarded distilleries in the world.

The New World of Whisky: Did you know France made whisky? How about Mexico? Denmark, Belgium, Bhutan? All over the world distillers have started to make our favorite brown spirit. Come and taste whiskies from the new countries challenging the old guard.

  • People – (Introductory – 5 Whisky Tastings) $75
  • People – (Expansive – 10 Whisky Tastings including a Premium Dram) $150
  • People – (Canada: Our Friends to The North- 6 Canadian Whiskies) $188
  • People – (Ireland: Gems of The Emerald Isles – 6 Irish Whiskies) $199
  • People – (Zen of Japan – 5 Japanese Whiskies) $218
  • People – (Global Expressions – 7 Whiskies from The New World) $225
  • Non-Tasting Seminar Attendee – $50
    Non Drinking Educational attendee

  • 1 hours and 30 minutes

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The Whisky Attic offers unforgettable whisky experiences just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

All experiences include learning the tricks of the trade, personal flavor profile assessments, CSTEM method instruction, and more.