The Whisky Attic has the greatest collection of whisky in America.

Located just 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, we offer the most acclaimed, award-winning, and memorable whisky experiences in America.

Each experience includes education on the history of tasting through sensory perception, personal flavor profile assessments, and more.


Enjoy the Finest Whiskies

Distillers are the artists of the Spirits we enjoy. The finest ingredients, the utmost care and attention to detail lead to a unique finished product. We salute these masters and show our appreciation by showing their work unaltered.


Innovative Tasting Method

The abundance of flavors, aromas and congener filled enjoyment from barrel influence is undeniable. By using the revolutionary Carmer Spirit Tasting Enhancement Method these nuances come to life for the novice, weekend warrior and professional alike.


An Unforgettable Experience

The liquid is the star and while we serve our tasting in glassware, the glassware is not the difference maker. We teach through the glass. This artisan teaching methodology was perfected by a University Professor over the last 2 decades.

About Us

The Whisky Attic offers unforgettable whisky experiences just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

All experiences include learning the tricks of the trade, personal flavor profile assessments, CSTEM method instruction, and more.