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The Whisky Attic

America's Greatest Educational Whisky Experience

Las Vegas, NV

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Since 2005 The Whisky Attic has offered the most acclaimed, award-winning, and memorable whisky experiences in America.

Each experience includes: a private consultation with one of our whisky experts, an education steeped in the rich history of whisky, and training in the sensory perception and tasting of whisky.

The Whisky Attic offers unforgettable whisky experiences at the location of your choice.

Our goal remains to add value while learning and having fun.


The Finest Whiskies

Distillers are the artists of the spirits we enjoy. The finest ingredients, the utmost care and attention to detail lead to a unique finished product. We salute these masters and show our appreciation by showing their work unaltered.


Innovative Tasting Method

The abundance of flavors, aromas and congener filled enjoyment from barrel influence is undeniable. By using the revolutionary Carmer Spirit Tasting Enhancement Method these nuances come to life for the novice, weekend warrior and professional alike.


An Unforgettable Experience

The liquid is the star and while we serve our tasting in glassware, the glassware is not the difference maker. We teach through the glass. CSTEM is an artisan teaching methodology perfected by a university professor over the last two decades.

The World's Greatest Whisky Tasting Experience

Phenomenal experience!

"We had the best experience last night! I really learned so much! Completely cleared up any confusion I had about whisky. Things I didn't know that I learned and things I thought were right that were wrong. Great class! I highly recommend taking a tasting here! JD is so knowledgeable and a great teacher!"

– Michelle F. · TripAdvisor
Outstanding Tasting!!

"Had a tasting last night with JD. It was absolutely fantastic. JD knows his stuff and the selection is simply amazing! Anybody who enjoys whisky needs to book a tasting. I cannot recommend this place enough. The whisky/scotch was amazing and the educational part was very informative! Great place!"

– Andre K. · TripAdvisor
Unexpected Education

"What an experience! The most detailed and informative class on whiskeys imaginable. Almost 2 hours of learning and tasting whisky selected to meet my palette. Filling out the flavor profile form is important, be honest about likes and dislikes. The whiskey will be selected to fit your personal taste. Amazing! I would have never tried some of the selections made for me. One nice thing is they don't push any particular product. I've recently added three new whiskeys to my collection. A great educational investment. Thanks"

– Jim H. · TripAdvisor
Fun and educational scotch tasting

"This was an entertaining event! JD was a great host with some showmanship. Very different than what I have experienced before. This is NOT a sales pitch for a particular brand or type. They do not sell bottles for take away. This is a fun and educational way to help find the the types of scotch or whiskey or whisky ( you will learn the difference) that you like. A great small group experience. They can accommodate up to 30 people. I will be back"

– scuba_MN · TripAdvisor
A Good drink!

"Was in town for a conference. We rounded up some of our sales team and customers and headed to the Attic. Host was knowledgeable and personable. We had an enjoyable time and based on our customer’s responses, it was one of the better events that they have attended in a long time. Not the typical thing (golf or concert) that they go to and all had very positive things to say about it. Will do it again!"

– Mike · TripAdvisor