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Direct to You: Bourbon and American Whisky Tasting

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Standard Per Person
Premium Per Person

Bourbon and American Whiskies over the last decade have exploded into a global power house. We invite you to experience the past, the future, and the legendary in our Bourbon Tastings.

Our Direct to You Bourbon and American Whisky Tasting features our wonderfully educational Whisky 101, we then go into our proprietary flavor profile assessment which will help guide your tasting, next we instruct you in the revolutionary CSTEM tasting technique.

Prior to your tasting you will have a private tele-consultation with our Director of Education to make sure that your tasting experience is optimized for your group.

Your tasting will consist of at least 7 different whiskies from distilleries big and small from around the United States.

Our Standard Tasting will include whiskies from distilleries large and small from around the nation that exemplify American Whisky Styles perfect for the inexperienced and enthusiast alike.

Our Premium Tasting consists exclusively of private barrel picks, micro-distilleries, and highly allocated bottles perfect for the experienced bourbon hunter.