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We Come to Your Place Tastings: Bourbon

World of Whisky Tasting Experiences

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Join us at THE Whisky Attics Bourbon Tasting experience!

Bourbon and American Whiskies over the last decade have exploded into a global power house. We invite you to experience the past, the future, and the legendary in our Bourbon Tastings.

The Old School: Historically authentic and traditional bourbons. For more than 100 years these brands have defined bourbon as a global powerhouse.

The New School: The Bourbon industry is exploding with distilleries in virtually every state in the union. Experience some amazing expressions from the distilleries leading this new generation.

Special Releases: As one of the hottest categories of alcohol explodes on a global scale these companies have led the way with rare, small releases of Bourbon that are sought after around the world.

The Pappy Van Winkle Experience: The single most sought after bourbon in the world today. Pappy Van Winkle has taken over the luxury bourbon category and here is your chance to taste them.